Highlights of January

1 – Today I set up the #AnneChronicles. This year I decided to minimize spending time on social media, BUT I will focus on #AnneChronicles.

I will share more about our adventures and everything about what we know and what we’re experiencing.  

I am taking the leap on sharing #AnneChronicles to all of you.

1 – We’re telling the girls that in anything and everything, we have to try first before we say “no, I don’t like”, or “no, I can’t”. Today, they tried the hot chocolate drink. My daughters only drink water, fresh milk, mango juice/shake, buko juice, Milo, Chuckie, Dutchmill and Mogumogu.

Thank You, God, for this opportunity to become a parent esp. of these two. I am eternally grateful.

2 – We all had fun at the beach. They got super dark after swimming and I told myself it’s okay (my old self didn’t want them to be sun burned like this).

It will go back to their natural skin tone but the memories they had today will stay in their memory bank of happiness.❤️

2 – Rainbow appeared on our way back home.

I feel like this is God telling us that wonderful things await us. I knew it not because I asked, but because God is good that He loves us so much and He has the best plans for us. Thank You for your goodness and faithfulness oh, Lord.🙏🏻

2- I will never get tired and stop sharing how grateful and blessed we are for having these girls. They’re not perfect but they are easy to take care of. I’m happy that reading the bible and scriptures are not dragging for them.

Life with You in it is always the best.🙏🏻

3 – Everytime there are moments like this, Summer guiding Autumn how to read, the way they help each other – I feel God’s love.

The recorded conversation 🤣 while they’re taking a bath, how they get along and take care of each other – I feel so blessed.

The book they’re reading is Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

5 – It’s always nice and feels so good to meet with childhood friends. There’s something about them that you really can’t replace.

It was so nice to see (Tita) Mia in our new favorite place!😁 We missed you, (Tita) Maize! Thank you for your thoughtfulness.❤️

5 – Tonight, during our prayer time, we learned that when God forgives, He forgets. Because God is love and love doesn’t keep a record of wrong.

I had a hard time discussing this to my girls because I know even when I forgive oh my goodness I never forget.

When Autumn initiated saying sorry to us, followed by Summer.. I melted. I wish I have the kind of heart they have.

6 – Happy Three Kings!

It’s the first Sunday of the year. The first #TheFeastBayArea of the year.

We were happy giving away our old stuff to Good Shepherd. It feels good to share. It’s the best feeling when you hear people saying thank you because you are a blessing. Priceless.

If you want to donate some of your old stuff, you may also call SR. Flor or SR. Concept – (02) 913-6437 

AND Someone’s in a mood to be a Handyman.🖌