Team Work Makes the Dream Work

❌This is long overdue.πŸ™ˆ It was a 2018 project. That’s why Jett decided to do it on his own.😲 Good job, Daddy!

We wanna make this as our work room and study room. 😊

The kids are so eager to help, while I am so eager to call-a-friend to help Jett πŸ€ͺ He said he wants to make this as his first project for this year πŸ™ˆ okay but I want an extra pair of hands because I want it to be done fast 🀣

Before photo πŸ‘‡πŸ»

To be continuued…


Day-by-day Treasures

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I am Anne. A wife, mother, entrepreneur, and healer.

In the past years, I have actively shared bits and pieces of my life to friends and families on social media. In my posts, I have shared: the joys I experienced as a wife and a mother, my adventures in the kitchen, places we go to, people I meet, and positive things that I have discovered, read or learned. I believe that by sharing the many different ways I am blessed through my experiences, I become a blessing to others who learn from those experiences.

At the start of this year (2019), I felt a special mission from my inner self to widen my audience. I thought that I should be a blessing to more than just my families and friends. I was scared at the initial concept, but I was determined to do it, and so I launched this blog - Anne Chronicles.

I hope that by sharing Anne Chronicles, we reap the benefits of growing and learning together.


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