Autumn’s First Art Exhibit

If there’s one thing I really love about their school (Multiple Intelligence International School), it’s their means of teaching and exposing our kids to outreach programs like this at a very young age.

The kids were introduced to different kinds of artists and their artworks. Here’s a video of the kids at work!⬇️

Today, we witnessed (again) some parents like us who also bid for their picture smart children.

We were actually determined to bid for this specific artwork that Autumn requested to get even before the auction, though we have another one in mind (same as Summer’s), but this one is Autumn’s pick. Thanks to another bidder who decided to stop bidding and just give it to us 🤑👏🏻

My little darling is happy!💖

Congratulations to K1 2018-2019 for raising more than P150k for our Design Thinking Space and Creative Lab, and community projects. This amount will help a lot!👏🏻

Big thanks to all their teachers for their guidance, hardwork, dedication, and patience!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Grateful for this opportunity that my kids can share their talents so they can be a blessing to many!💖

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