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Autumn’s First Art Exhibit

If there’s one thing I really love about their school (Multiple Intelligence International School), it’s their means of teaching and exposing our kids to outreach programs like this at a very young age. The kids were introduced to different kinds of artists and their artworks. Here’s a video of the kids at work!⬇️ Today, we…

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Grateful Mom of Summer

At her school, we do Student Led Conference every quarter of the school year. At this time, students present their portfolios to their parents, and teachers give feedback. Her homeroom teacher was very generous on providing observations about her. Summer consistently excel academically. Yes. We’re very happy and proud to know that.👏🏻👏🏻 But what made…

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Treasure Your Tribe

We don’t meet people by accident I don’t need to say more. 😉 I thought of sharing this well written article about the people in our lives. Also….. Sharing with you some of my favorite quotes about friends: 👇🏻 “Old friends are gold. New friends are diamonds. If you get a diamond, don’t forget the…

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Tough Love

This morning, as I brought her to her classroom, she ran back to me and asked if I can go back to the house and get her project in Filipino that she forgot to bring.🙈😔 I told her I can’t. Honestly, a part of me really wanted to take advantage of the situation to teach…

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