Why we are homeschooling

[Hi everyone! Sharing with you why we are homeschooling written by Jett. Enjoy!]

Early this year, when we first publicly shared that we were planning to homeschool our kids, many of our family and friends were surprised. [Some of them already know ๐Ÿ˜Š] After all, weโ€™ve been going to โ€œregular schoolโ€ for the past almost 6 years and it seemed strange to suddenly take a different path. [We actually got a lot of questions, but I only want to share one answer from those questions: We’re not trying to do school at home, we’re trying to do homeschool-an education lifestyle ๐Ÿ˜Š]

What many people do not know is that even before Summer started going to playschool, we were already seriously considering homeschooling. At that time, however, we felt that we were not ready. We were afraid of failing because the consequences will be disastrous for them. Having come from traditional schools we were also afraid that they will miss out on all the experiences in a “normal” school (growing up with school friends, misadventures with classmates, …).

There was one thing that we were sure of – we did not want them to be in a traditional school. [One of the reasons why my kids are not in Chinese school, I know how it goes, and I feel like leading them to take another path. Though taking Mandarin classes is non-negotiable. Please don’t get me wrong, I love my roots ๐Ÿฒ] We wanted an educational system that is student-centered instead of teacher-centered. Fortunately, we learned about the “progressive school” concept. We really liked the low student-teacher ratio and personalized and experiential learning. It seemed to offer the good points of homeschooling without requiring us to handle the teaching part. It as the next best thing so we enrolled them in a progressive playschool (The Little Gym  Pasig-Mandaluyong) and preschool (Multiple Intelligence International School). [Grateful to have been to these schools. We would have stayed if we did not decide to homeschool]

Fast forward to this year, the idea of trying homeschooling came up again. Now seemed to be a perfect time. [Yeah. You know that strong feeling when you aligned with the universe and agreed to just do it?โœจ]

We are very hands-on parents. We bring them and pick them up from school every day. We also make it a point to ask them what they did in school. We also help them when they have school projects and when they need to study for quizzes. We also take the opportunity to teach them new things whenever we go to some new place or when we try something new.

We then realized that we were already doing some of the things that we were afraid of doing. Homeschooling may not be that hard to ease the transition to after all. I guess when you have the best of intentions it brings out the best in you, too. [Yeah. Also, There are no perfect parents, that’s a fact. Jett and I are not perfect, but we always believe that we are the best teachers of these precious girls God gave us. Parents by default give the quality of everything their children need.]

We also learned that we can tap other resources to help us in teaching. For instance, we can enroll them in other activities like music lessons, sports, and art and this would give them the opportunity to socialize with more kids. If eventually, we encounter subjects that are hard to teach [like Trigonometry…] we can always get assistance from tutors from our tutorial center. [..and teachers who are now friends ๐ŸฅฐWith this newfound confidence, we decided to make the big decision.

[Shameless Plug: Our tutorial center, Pillars Tutorials is now assisting homeschooling parents in subjects that are challenging to teach.]๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Why did we decide to make the jump?

First, we want them to cultivate a love of learning. As with all kids, they are very curious and we would like them to be in an environment where they will not be constrained and bounded by a set curriculum. We would like them to keep their curiosity strong by supporting them in the things that they want to pursue. Beyond academics we want them to have the time and freedom to be able to learn new things like a hobby, sport, or a craft because it will make them into well-rounded individuals. Taking an active part in their learning will allow us to tailor-fit their education so that they can pursue their natural inclinations and be the best that they can be.

Second, we want them to be firmly rooted in our family values. Knowledge without values is meaningless. We want them to put their learning into something that will allow them to be a blessing to others. We believe that by having more time with them and being able to tag them along whatever we do will allow us to do this more effectively. [We want them to make a difference using their intelligence along with their hearts. We want them to shine because of their good character first. This is just me, but I think I failed as a Mom or God’s steward if these girls grow up to be bad]

Finally, as someone great once said: “Experience is the best teacher”. We believe that homeschooling would allow us to help them learn through actual experience. Whether it be learning about places and people by going there as part of a family trip or learning entrepreneurship by helping out in our businesses, we want them to learn by exposing them to the real thing. [Our job as parents are not easy whether you’re homeschooling or not.  And even if choosing this path may be harder for us, I believe it’s worth trying because we will learn and grow together. I may be the most impatient individual on earth, but together we will become better] 

The world that they will be joining years from now will have intense global competition. They need to be able to shine in whatever it is that they will discover as we go through this journey together. We believe that putting them in an open, loving, and God-centered environment for learning will help get them there.

[We still have so much to learn and prepare, we are taking one quarter at a time. With God’s grace, He will guide this Gamboa Academy to bear fruit. We hope that you walk with us and pray with us]๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’–

[Blessings and love to all of you who are reading this.]

Highlights of January

1 – Today I set up the #AnneChronicles. This year I decided to minimize spending time on social media, BUT I will focus on #AnneChronicles.

I will share more about our adventures and everything about what we know and what we’re experiencing.  

I am taking the leap on sharing #AnneChronicles to all of you.

1 – We’re telling the girls that in anything and everything, we have to try first before we say โ€œno, I don’t likeโ€, or โ€œno, I canโ€™tโ€. Today, they tried the hot chocolate drink. My daughters only drink water, fresh milk, mango juice/shake, buko juice, Milo, Chuckie, Dutchmill and Mogumogu.

Thank You, God, for this opportunity to become a parent esp. of these two. I am eternally grateful.

2 – We all had fun at the beach. They got super dark after swimming and I told myself it’s okay (my old self didnโ€™t want them to be sun burned like this).

It will go back to their natural skin tone but the memories they had today will stay in their memory bank of happiness.โค๏ธ

2 – Rainbow appeared on our way back home.

I feel like this is God telling us that wonderful things await us. I knew it not because I asked, but because God is good that He loves us so much and He has the best plans for us. Thank You for your goodness and faithfulness oh, Lord.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

2- I will never get tired and stop sharing how grateful and blessed we are for having these girls. They’re not perfect but they are easy to take care of. I’m happy that reading the bible and scriptures are not dragging for them.

Life with You in it is always the best.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

3 – Everytime there are moments like this, Summer guiding Autumn how to read, the way they help each other – I feel God’s love.

The recorded conversation ๐Ÿคฃ while they’re taking a bath, how they get along and take care of each other – I feel so blessed.

The book they’re reading is Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

5 – It’s always nice and feels so good to meet with childhood friends. There’s something about them that you really can’t replace.

It was so nice to see (Tita) Mia in our new favorite place!๐Ÿ˜ We missed you, (Tita) Maize! Thank you for your thoughtfulness.โค๏ธ

5 – Tonight, during our prayer time, we learned that when God forgives, He forgets. Because God is love and love doesn’t keep a record of wrong.

I had a hard time discussing this to my girls because I know even when I forgive oh my goodness I never forget.

When Autumn initiated saying sorry to us, followed by Summer.. I melted. I wish I have the kind of heart they have.

6 – Happy Three Kings!

It’s the first Sunday of the year. The first #TheFeastBayArea of the year.

We were happy giving away our old stuff to Good Shepherd. It feels good to share. It’s the best feeling when you hear people saying thank you because you are a blessing. Priceless.

If you want to donate some of your old stuff, you may also call SR. Flor or SR. Concept – (02) 913-6437 

AND Someone’s in a mood to be a Handyman.๐Ÿ–Œ

The Launching of #AnneChronicles

This year (2019), I will focus on Self-Authenticity. Who I am, what I can do and can not do, what I like and do not like.

"Self-smart learners have a strong awareness of their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, motivations, and goals. They are reflective individuals interested in personal expression."

Authenticity is very important to me because I believe that God made us all unique. I can never be you and you can never be me (I learned this the hard way). We have our own purpose, strength and weaknesses, character, personality, talent, etc.

If you’re my friend, and if you’re following me on Facebook or Instagram, you already know how much I love sharing my thoughts. I’ve kept it private because I talk and share more about my life and that includes my family and my friends. That’s why now, I’m taking the leap in creating the Anne Chronicles (#AnneChronicles) so I can inspire and share more within and outside my perimeter. This is gonna be more about being a blessing, how God wants us to use and share our talents, so together we find our purpose to make an impact to the world. 

Let’s #Vibratehigher and #BeABlessing ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโ˜บ๏ธ