Why we are homeschooling

[Hi everyone! Sharing with you why we are homeschooling written by Jett. Enjoy!] Early this year, when we first publicly shared that we were planning to homeschool our kids, many of our family and friends were surprised. [Some of them already know 😊] After all, we’ve been going to “regular school” for the past almost … Continue reading Why we are homeschooling

Highlights of January

1 - Today I set up the #AnneChronicles. This year I decided to minimize spending time on social media, BUT I will focus on #AnneChronicles. I will share more about our adventures and everything about what we know and what we're experiencing.   I am taking the leap on sharing #AnneChronicles to all of you. … Continue reading Highlights of January

The Launching of #AnneChronicles

This year (2019), I will focus on Self-Authenticity. Who I am, what I can do and can not do, what I like and do not like. "Self-smart learners have a strong awareness of their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, motivations, and goals. They are reflective individuals interested in personal expression." Authenticity is very important to me … Continue reading The Launching of #AnneChronicles