Herbs Pork Loin ala Familia

One of my I-will-make-it-happen things to do this year is to come up with a new recipe/menu/ for the Familia 😀 Everyone loved it. Summer even asked to save some for her lunch baon. Here's the Recipe: Ingredients: For the pork loin: Pork loin roast (at least 2 pounds) 2 Tablespoons  vegetable oil 4 cloves garlic , minced 1 teaspoon  yellow mustard … Continue reading Herbs Pork Loin ala Familia


Synchronicity is a concept developed by psychologist Carl Jung to describe a perceived meaningful coincidence. He described synchronicity as an "acausal connecting principle" in which events, both large and small, in the external world might align to the experience of the individual, perhaps mirroring or echoing personal concerns or thoughts. When we live with alignment … Continue reading Synchronicity

Highlights of January

1 - Today I set up the #AnneChronicles. This year I decided to minimize spending time on social media, BUT I will focus on #AnneChronicles. I will share more about our adventures and everything about what we know and what we're experiencing.   I am taking the leap on sharing #AnneChronicles to all of you. … Continue reading Highlights of January

The Launching of #AnneChronicles

This year (2019), I will focus on Self-Authenticity. Who I am, what I can do and can not do, what I like and do not like. "Self-smart learners have a strong awareness of their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, motivations, and goals. They are reflective individuals interested in personal expression." Authenticity is very important to me … Continue reading The Launching of #AnneChronicles