How Losing a Kidney can be a Blessing

It all started with some acid reflux which was nothing new for me. I usually drink one sachet of Gaviscon and the discomfort goes away. But this was different. After a few sachets, it was still there. I didn’t mind until I felt the sharp pain on my right flank. It was a blessing also that I constantly talked to a friend who happened to have a niece who was a doctor. So, it was really convenient to have a consultation. So, she suspected indigestion based on my statement, but after 4 days another pain occurred, so i called her again and told me that if it was indigestion, I should be well on the 3rd day, she asked me to get the whole abdomen ultrasound. I was suspecting that this had something to do with my gallbladder.

Honestly, I didn’t wanna do the test at first, because first,I didn’t want to expose myself outside and second, no one will stay with my kids. But I did the right thing. I asked Mama to come and proceeded with the ultrasound. While the procedure was being done, we noticed that the doctor annotated the image with the word “mass”. At the end of it, she explained the result and recommended a CT scan. That did not sound good. 

I was afraid and I cried but at the same time I still felt okay physically, mentally, and spiritually. Although I became anxious occasionally, generally I felt fine and calm.

The next few days went by quickly. We consulted with a doctor and also got a second opinion. Both recommended a CT scan and mentioned that it would likely be followed by an operation to remove part of the kidney or worst case to remove the whole kidney. The first doctor told us that this could possibly be cancer. Remember when I said I was calm? That’s true I was really calm because there was something between me and God that comforted me. It was also the first time that I felt sad not because of the diagnosis but because I saw my mom cry because of the situation. She got scared. 

I had the CT Scan and some other tests. At this point in time I was asking God to give me a miracle. (like that the CT scan would show that the mass was not there anymore. We got the results – it was still there. We were referred to a uro-onco-surgeon who told me that we needed to have my right kidney removed. He assured me that I will be fine. He was slightly bothered about some findings in one of the liver sections but he said he was not convinced it metastasized but we still needed to have it checked so that he could remove it if needed. What a relief. At that moment, I was more scared of going through a swab test than the operation.

We went to the hospital to be admitted. My fear of being put to sleep and not knowing if I would still wake up came to mind. I had to call and get an assurance from my doctor that I would still wake up. He said yes and he kinda laughed at me so I felt better. It was at this point that I felt sad for the second time. I told God and myself that I don’t want this to ever happen again. The girls at home were sad and were crying because they could not hug me over a video call. (They cannot sleep without me beside them). I realized that it was so unfair for them to feel this way. They were suffering the consequences of what was happening to me. I also thought of the pain that Jett is masking and the worry and the fear that he must have been keeping to himself. (I was like that when my Papa was battling his sickness.) I do not want the people that I treasure most to be suffering because of me.

The big day came. Early during the day, I had an ultrasound and some other procedure done to check if the spot on the liver was a mass too. But Mama Mary worked on this. The doctors said it was nothing and probably just focal fat. Such great news to hear at the start of the day.

At the scheduled time (12 noon), I was brought to the operating room. I remember the anesthesiologists asked about my last name and if it was mine or I married. He was also from Negros and he was teasing and asking me about the vast haciendas these Gamboas owned. I guess he was just calming me. He was still talking and he put something over my nose and asked me to inhale and exhale. The next thing I knew it was already 3 in the afternoon and I was in the recovery room. My 2 experiences waking up in a recovery room prior to this were exciting moments because I was looking forward to seeing my 2 babies. This time I woke up in awe and very grateful and looking forward to living a brand new life. I did not even mind that I lost one kidney.

The operation was done. My doctor went to Jett and showed him pictures of the kidney that was taken out. He said that based on what it looked like, it was Stage 1 to Stage 2. It was out now and it was an answered prayer. I remember that it was on a Thursday that we confirmed that we really needed to have the operation. That night as we prayed the rosary, we talked about the  second luminous mystery where Mama Mary asked Jesus to perform his first miracle. We asked Mama Mary to ask her Son to heal me. Our prayers were answered.. 

Welcome Anne version 2.0.

Remember that time I was asking God for a miracle to make the mass disappear? I know that did not happen because I had to go through a process that would help me realize many things. Good things.

First, This experience was a prayer answered and revealed to me the authenticity of the people around me. Earlier this year I had this nagging thought about it. Also, I learned who my true friends are and I felt the love from my “village”.

Second, Next to God and our health and well-being, the relationships we form with our people are important. I am touched by all the people around me who helped. From family and friends who became my prayer warriors, the nurse who was a friend of Jett’s tito who assured us that everything that was needed for the operation was in place, to family and friends who helped look for blood donors, friends who brought food, and everyone who sent their well-wishes. I felt God’s love through these people. Throughout this experience, God has constantly assured me that I have enough prayer warriors.

Third, that we really have to love and appreciate our body. Our body is God’s temple and we honor him by taking good care of it. Taking care of it does not just mean the physical aspect. We also take care of it by always choosing to be happy and by forgiving others.

I have to take care of my chakras – the concentrated energy centers of our body. They have to be balanced and well. When the chakra is disrupted and damaged, it can cause several problems in our lives including physical, emotional health, and our mental state.

Fourth, It has been said many times that “Health is Wealth”. We’ve always said this to the kids but this time it is not just someone else’s story that we are sharing. This experience will always help us remember. As much as it is for us, it is also a message for our extended family to take of themselves always.

Fifth, there were times when I was afraid (getting the tests done, not waking up after the operation) and Jett reminded me of the story of Jesus walking on the water. In that story, Jesus invited Peter to go down from the boat and walk on the water and go to Him. He calls on us to walk on the water even if we are surrounded by a storm and are afraid. There is nothing to fear because He is always with us and just like Jesus was waiting for Peter, He is always there waiting and will never leave us. Fear will always be there and might make us sink but as long as we fix our gaze on Him we will prevail.

Sixth, Mama Mary is another hero in our story. She has always been with us and has always answered our prayers everytime we ask her.

Seventh, our angels are always active around us. Throughout this process I have been constantly assured by the angelic signs that I keep seeing around me. They were always there to comfort me.

I told God even before the procedure that I will tell this beautiful story. It took me a week before I was able to do it. I was afraid that this might just become entertainment to other people. But then I realized that this story is not about me. This is about God and that I am so blessed to be able to tell His story that I was a part of. Our family, especially our kids, often read about the miracles found in the Bible. It is a surreal experience to be part of a miracle. To be part of a story that we can share with other people.

Even before this happened, the Anne version 1.0 life was generally good. I am very much aware of the many blessings I have in my life. I am really grateful which is why I want to share our blessings in any way I can.

The greatest blessing that I have ever received – Anne version 2.0 – will definitely be better. I feel like I am renewed. This is my second life and I really want to start clean. I have forgiven people who have done wrong to me (this has forever been my issue – I don’t know if I never forgive or I never forget).

I have learned my lessons from Anne version 1.0, This time I will just let go and let God. I will be wiser. Wiser in choosing my battles. Wiser in choosing my friends. Wiser in choosing who the people I want to be in my life. Wiser in the food that I eat. Wiser in choosing happiness over any form of negativity. I will celebrate small wins, be generous in giving affirmations, and learn to say no.

Life is short. Let’s not waste a single minute. Share your blessings. We are blessed to bless others. God is faithful. He will never leave us.

You can be a blessing in so many ways

Two years ago I had this awakening (I will write my story next time). One of the things that I became fully aware of was that our blessings have to really be shared. Make use of those talents or gifts to bless more people.

You don’t have to be an educator to teach, or a doctor to heal. You don’t need more money for you to be generous. You have everything you need to be a blessing. God made us incredibly capable to do many things because we are His masterpiece.☺️

I learned that I have gifts and some of them are to teach and to heal. At first, I doubted a dear clairvoyant friend who told me about this, because number one, I am not blessed with so much patience 😬, and number two, I didn’t pursue my med because I didn’t wanna be a doctor.😬

BUT…. As I continue this journey to self awareness and authenticity, I learned to accept who I really am. I’m still in disbelief sometimes, but I’m loving myself everyday now. 💖✨

I didn’t become a doctor, but God made me Clairsentient (mygoodness I thought I’m crazy) to help family and friends heal from different kinds of emotional situations.

I now understand why I wanted to be a hands on Mom and to choose homeschooling, because I want to teach my daughters not just letters and numbers, but also spirituality and good values, I want to be with them to answer their questions 24/7.

And also, I now understand why I am blessed to have a tutorial center (I will write more about Pillara Tutorials and it’s Mission and Vision soon) which I swear it’s never part of my business-to-have list, because this is just a preparation for a bigger opportunity to blessed more people that leads us to serve in a community service called Cornerstone.

Cornerstone is a volunteer organization that teaches/tutors kids values formation, reading, and writing.

I fulfilled one of my promises to God. I brought my family, friends, and my tutors to help kids today.🙏🏻

You may join us every Saturday morning at the Pasong Tamo Elementary School, Tandang Sora.

Alternatively, you can also help by sponsoring the breakfast/snacks/lunch for the day and be a blessing to these kids.😉

My 7yo daughter and her friend did it. I’m sure you can do it, too, because you are God’s masterpiece!✨💖☺️

Photos and videos below.

  • There’s magic in decluttering

    There’s magic in decluttering

    Guess what? It’s not over yet. 😳

    You know that feeling when you feel like there’s so much to do but you have no idea what that is? 🙈

    That feeling when you just feel tired and restless but you actually did not do anything much? 🤷‍♀️

    And that feeling when you feel irritated but you super know it’s not PMS? 🙅‍♀️

    It happens to me once in a while, and that’s my cue to declutter. Oh, yes! I do a lot of decluttering in a year.🙎‍♀️

    Decluttering our room, the girls’ room, our closets, our kitchen, and because I’m a Mom and a wife and an entrepreneur, multitasking on a daily basis is my thing, and hence a lot of decluttering my mind!☺️

    I always say that there’s some sort of magic in decluttering, but truth is CLUTTER energetically (I will tell you more about energy next time 😉) hinders or blocks the good energy or the flow of abundance getting in our way. [It creates blocks in the flow of energy within you!] Ahuh!😉

    When we declutter, we remove unwanted things to create space for something new. That’s why when I declutter, I feel good instantly. ✨Magic!😉

    Decluttering doesn’t apply to our physical environment only, but also to our emotional baggage (we all have emotional clutter and it’s perfectly normal!) and this may sound peculiar but also applies to our relationships.😬

    If these emotions prevent me from keeping my sanity, just like any material things, I get rid of them. Accept these emotions, declutter, and transformation begins. ✨Magic!😉

    Relationships. This is the hardest for me. I’ve been told and taught by papa+, (and of course I learned this the hard way again🤷‍♀️), to surround myself with people who will help me become a better person. (Omgoodness. 20 years ago, I didn’t understand this.✌🏻) It took me a very long time to realize -you’ll understand if you’re an empath- that it’s okay, that it doesn’t make me a bad person if I declutter relationships. Positivity attracts positivity, right? Imagine yourself in an environment with full of ungrateful and insecure people? You already know the vibe that you’re attracting.🙅‍♀️ Like I said, this one is the hardest, but I intently and instinctively choose to surround myself with people who genuinely accept, love and support me, then there’s contentment and gratefulness.💜 When there’s gratefulness, there’s abundance. ✨Magic!😉

    May we all have the courage to declutter for the balance of our mind. 😘💞

    #Magic #Encourage #Sanity

    Highlights of January

    1 – Today I set up the #AnneChronicles. This year I decided to minimize spending time on social media, BUT I will focus on #AnneChronicles.

    I will share more about our adventures and everything about what we know and what we’re experiencing.  

    I am taking the leap on sharing #AnneChronicles to all of you.

    1 – We’re telling the girls that in anything and everything, we have to try first before we say “no, I don’t like”, or “no, I can’t”. Today, they tried the hot chocolate drink. My daughters only drink water, fresh milk, mango juice/shake, buko juice, Milo, Chuckie, Dutchmill and Mogumogu.

    Thank You, God, for this opportunity to become a parent esp. of these two. I am eternally grateful.

    2 – We all had fun at the beach. They got super dark after swimming and I told myself it’s okay (my old self didn’t want them to be sun burned like this).

    It will go back to their natural skin tone but the memories they had today will stay in their memory bank of happiness.❤️

    2 – Rainbow appeared on our way back home.

    I feel like this is God telling us that wonderful things await us. I knew it not because I asked, but because God is good that He loves us so much and He has the best plans for us. Thank You for your goodness and faithfulness oh, Lord.🙏🏻

    2- I will never get tired and stop sharing how grateful and blessed we are for having these girls. They’re not perfect but they are easy to take care of. I’m happy that reading the bible and scriptures are not dragging for them.

    Life with You in it is always the best.🙏🏻

    3 – Everytime there are moments like this, Summer guiding Autumn how to read, the way they help each other – I feel God’s love.

    The recorded conversation 🤣 while they’re taking a bath, how they get along and take care of each other – I feel so blessed.

    The book they’re reading is Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

    5 – It’s always nice and feels so good to meet with childhood friends. There’s something about them that you really can’t replace.

    It was so nice to see (Tita) Mia in our new favorite place!😁 We missed you, (Tita) Maize! Thank you for your thoughtfulness.❤️

    5 – Tonight, during our prayer time, we learned that when God forgives, He forgets. Because God is love and love doesn’t keep a record of wrong.

    I had a hard time discussing this to my girls because I know even when I forgive oh my goodness I never forget.

    When Autumn initiated saying sorry to us, followed by Summer.. I melted. I wish I have the kind of heart they have.

    6 – Happy Three Kings!

    It’s the first Sunday of the year. The first #TheFeastBayArea of the year.

    We were happy giving away our old stuff to Good Shepherd. It feels good to share. It’s the best feeling when you hear people saying thank you because you are a blessing. Priceless.

    If you want to donate some of your old stuff, you may also call SR. Flor or SR. Concept – (02) 913-6437 

    AND Someone’s in a mood to be a Handyman.🖌

    The Launching of #AnneChronicles

    This year (2019), I will focus on Self-Authenticity. Who I am, what I can do and can not do, what I like and do not like.

    "Self-smart learners have a strong awareness of their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, motivations, and goals. They are reflective individuals interested in personal expression."

    Authenticity is very important to me because I believe that God made us all unique. I can never be you and you can never be me (I learned this the hard way). We have our own purpose, strength and weaknesses, character, personality, talent, etc.

    If you’re my friend, and if you’re following me on Facebook or Instagram, you already know how much I love sharing my thoughts. I’ve kept it private because I talk and share more about my life and that includes my family and my friends. That’s why now, I’m taking the leap in creating the Anne Chronicles (#AnneChronicles) so I can inspire and share more within and outside my perimeter. This is gonna be more about being a blessing, how God wants us to use and share our talents, so together we find our purpose to make an impact to the world. 

    Let’s #Vibratehigher and #BeABlessing 🙏🏻☺️